National Centre for Industry 4.0 has prepared the Czech Industry Analysis 3/2022 on the occasion of the independent debate of industry personalities - the Czech Industry Barometer, which will take place on 8 December. The analysis is based on data obtained during 213 interviews with key representatives of selected Czech industry companies, the management of industrial associations and other experts of Czech industry. The survey was conducted in September-November 2022.
A significant success was achieved by a graduate of the Bachelor's degree programme Biomedical Engineering and a student of the follow-up Master's degree programme Biomedical Engineering Bc. Jakub Kollár, who together with his co-authors from the Bio-electromagnetism team, published the results of his bachelor thesis as first author in the prestigious journal Cancers (according to WOS the journal's impact factor is 6.56 and the journal belongs to the first quartile in the field of Oncology).
Bc. Ksenia Kulakova, a 1st year student of the English Biomedical Engineering master´s programme at CTU Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, placed second in the final of the SHE Award competition, held in Brno on 24 November 2022, for the best bachelor thesis of female graduates of technical disciplines! This nominated her for the WE Local conference in Barcelona, where she will present her current research topic to an audience of academics and industry representatives.
Czech Technical University in Prague awarded its best students with the Stanislav Hanzel Prize on the occasion of the International Student Day on 17 November. The students received the prize in Bethlehem Chapel during the festive concert of Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic from the hands of the Rector of Czech Technical University in Prague doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc. and doc. Ing. Antonín Pokorný, CSc., Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CTU Foundation Stanislav Hanzel.
On Wednesday, November 30, the consortium Study in Prague hosted the 2nd annual ceremony of the Extraordinary Scholarship prof. Miroslav Vlček for exemplary representation of university studies in the Czech Republic.
Ing. Jiří Ulrich won the title of the best diploma thesis in computer science in the IT SPY 2022 competition. A graduate of the Open Informatics programme, he is currently working as a PhD student at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science. He won the prestigious competition with his thesis on Multicamera Localization System Based on Black and White Pattern Detection. As a prize, he received 2,000 euros for further development of the project from the software company PROFINIT, which organizes the competition.
After a two-year break, the University Information Centre was reopened yesterday at the CTU rectorate. The ribbon was ceremoniously cut by the Rector of CTU Vojtěch Petráček.
The second edition of the EuroTeQaThon international competition took place at the Technical University of Munich from 23 to 25 November. The best student work from the Collider project course, which is run under the umbrella of the EuroTeQ alliance, made it to this final round. The Alliance brings together top technical universities: Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Denmark, Technical University of Eindhoven, École Polytechnique, Tallinn University of Technology, CTU in Prague, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and Technion Israel Institute of Technology. The challenge itself came from EuroTeQ's industrial partners, and the proposed themes were linked to the "Leave no Waste Behind" challenge. GasNet launched the "Optimisation of power production at gas pressure reduction facilities". The winner in this category was a team of students from CTU who developed the topic "A New Life for Waste Heat". The students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering will present their solutions on 19 and 20 January 2023 at the European Commission in Brussels.
The Golem Tokamak from Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague (FJFI) served as a teaching tool for Penn State University students in mid-November without them having to travel to Prague. They first listened to a lecture about this unique device and then performed several high-temperature plasma discharges remotely on their own.
OI graduate Jiří Ulrich is in the final of the prestigious IT SPY 2022 competition with his diploma thesis "Multicamera localization system based on black and white pattern detection". In it, he presents a multicamera localization system that detects black-and-white circular WhyCode reference marks based on an improved algorithm, determines their position and orientation in space, and uniquely identifies them. Built on inexpensive and widely available cameras, the WhyCode system represents an affordable localization system as an alternative to current expensive and closed systems with specialized hardware.