The 4th edition of the Buildings with wood scent contest, whose results were announced on 15 September at the Exhibition Centre in Brno, was won by Kristina Ulrychová from the Faculty of Civil Engineering with her proposal for a house in Lipno nad Vltavou. The third place went to Tomáš Papoušek, student of the same faculty, with his project, The Wave. This year, 68 students from 11 Czech and Slovak universities entered the competition, using 55 building parts.
Prof. Vladimir Mařík, head of CTU Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, received the prestigious ABB Lifetime Contribution to Factory Automation Award, at the ETFA conference in Berlin on 8 September. He received it from the hands of director of research at ABB, prof. Alf Isaksson.
The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on 9 September between prof. Peter Konvalinka,Rector of CTU, and Opatov high school principal RNDr. Jan Perina. The Opatov high school is home to a unique facility for teaching particle physics - a cloud chamber, which was created under a project of chemistry teacher Mgr. Jan Bauer and his then high school students Ondřej Zbytek and Ondřej Svoboda. They are currently studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Both institutions expressed interest to cooperate on technical matters related to education of pupils and students and expanding expertise of Opatov high school teachers, as well as academic staff of CTU.
Several wooden buildings were created on the Jizera river beach in Mnichovo Hradiště during the summer holidays . They were designed and produced by students of the Faculty of Architecture at CTU as part of a summer workshop of Josef Mádr and Šárka Malošíková studio MáMa. Collaboration between the studio and the townhall lasted for the past academic year, during which students explored hidden potential of the place through their designs and checked the objectives of new development plans. Town of Mnichovo Hradiště took the beach modification as one of its priorities and provided students and educators with material and technical support.
Scientists from the pattern recognition group and machine learning at Faculty of Electrical Engineering will participate on leading research in artificial intelligence within the FAIR partnership (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research). The project´s aim is to accelerate advancement and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, namely the Deep Neural Netwroks area.
The Research group of prof. Michal Pěchouček founded Artificial Intelligence center (AI Center) at the Computer Department of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It builds on the work of the Centre of Agent Technology. Its main mission will be to house both basic and applied research in artificial intelligence, industrial cooperation and artificial intelligence technology transfer.
A BBC television team filmed material for its 4 Tech show on the CTU grounds from 23 to 25 august. The crew was interested in the invention of rolling turbines by Associate professor Miroslav Sedláček from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, for which he was nominated for a European Award for Inventor 2016 in the Research category. They have also filmed other unique research projects extending into practice.
Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and Bohuslav Sobotka, Czech Prime Minister were greeted by the Czech Technical University in Prague at its grounds on 25 August 2016. Alongside other distinguished guests, both have participated in a discussion on the Industry 4.0 national initiative.
At the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, a new tool for automated 3D image stylization, StyLit, has been developed by doc. Daniel Sýkora´s team. It can faithfully reproduce artist´s style, creating a realistic synthetic painting. The unique software is more sophisticated than any currently available commercial tool.
After a successful physical and mathematical modeling of water slalom course at the Olympic Games in Rio, experts from the Water Management Experimental Centre of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, led by prof. Ing. Jaroslav Pollert, PhD., were invited again to cooperate in solving the hydraulic and functional problems of the designed water slalom courses at Kasai Park for the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. Complete construction of the aquatic stadium should be operational in 2019.