Do you want to contribute to the environmental sustainability of cities?
Those interested in studying who have not yet managed to submit their application have a chance at Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague. Until 31 July 2024, they can apply in the second round of the admission procedure for five bachelor's degree programmes in Czech and one in English.
As part of lifelong learning, three new courses in the field of IT and cyber security will be available from September at the Czech Technical University in Prague, providing an excellent opportunity for experts and beginners alike.
The opening of the exhibition will take place on 30 May at 18:00, the exhibition of studio works will run until 28 June.
Celebration for all studying hight performance athletes will take place on 24-28 June 2024. The 22nd annual Czech Academic Games is organized by the Technical University in Liberec and the athletes will visit the North Bohemian metropolis.
Registration for the EuroTeQ online Course Catalogue for the winter semester 2024/25 is open until July 29.
Czech Technical University in Prague offers a new fellowship program, the CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship. This new and attractive two-year fellowship-program offers excellent researchers who have recently completed their PhD the chance to continue their research career at CTU. Closest Application deadline: June 15, 2023 or August 31, 2023 or November 30, 2023.