Students can apply for a special-purpose, one-off scholarship from the CTU Stanislav Hanzel Fund until 10 May 2024. The scholarship can be awarded to students of bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree programmes at CTU in Prague, in the case of bachelor's degree programmes from the 2nd year at the earliest.
If you are a student eager to drive positive change through a sustainable project rooted in your field of study, we invite you to be a part of the Green Challenge community. Join us in contributing to a sustainable future and showcasing the impact of sustainable and innovative solutions within your academic discipline! Registration is required by 13th of May, 2024.
Do you want to be prepared for what's ahead in artificial intelligence (AI) in 2024? Come to the lecture from the Informatics Evenings at FIT CTU series by doc. Pavel Kordík, Vice Dean for Cooperation with Industry and an expert in AI. The lecture will present current discoveries in AI that will have a significant impact on how the world around us will soon look like.
Join us for a summer sports course. Try new activities, meet new friends, play active sports and relax all summer long. Enrolment starts on 5.2.2024 on our website.
Once again, CTU in Prague invites high school students to open doors days.
This year, we have expanded our offer for Ph.D. students to include more interesting and practical aspects that can be used during doctoral studies. The practical course for beginning teachers at the MIAS and the Doctoral Days (Best practice) have already taken place and the Doctoral Days at CTU central library will start in November.
WANT TO GET AN INTERNSHIP IN CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH? APPLY FOR THE MERIT PROGRAMME SIC opens opportunities for Czech and foreign researchers who have achieved a Ph.D. degree and have two years of experience at foreign research institutes.
Unfortunately, we are witnessing another unprecedented attack on the territory of a sovereign state. The war in Ukraine is far from over, the war in Israel is beginning. The Czech Technical University in Prague expresses its deep condolences and full support to the State of Israel, which declared a state of war after Hamas terrorists attacked its territory with thousands of rockets, killed hundreds of residents and kidnapped others, including women and children.
Czech Technical University in Prague offers a new fellowship program, the CTU Global Postdoc Fellowship. This new and attractive two-year fellowship-program offers excellent researchers who have recently completed their PhD the chance to continue their research career at CTU. Closest Application deadline: June 15, 2023 or August 31, 2023 or November 30, 2023.