The Khalifa University hosts the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) in Abu Dhabi from 23-25 February. A team led by scientists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FEL) working with researchers from the universities of Pennsylvania and New York has made it to the finals and to defend the 2017 victory, has been testing drones in desert conditions for more than a month.
For the first time in its history, the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University is organizing the HackFIT hackathon focused on virtual reality, drones, artificial intelligence, robotics and open data. At this 24-hour hackathon, teams of high school and university students get behind the scenes of the faculty research and explore how to link science and business. Their reward will be 50.000 CZK and valuable prizes from prominent sponsors of the event. The event takes place in the FIT building.
The program includes compositions by Jean Sibelius, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Antonín Dvořák. The violinist Roman Patočka and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra with the conductor Cristian Orosan will perform.
An infection that is spreading from the city of Wuhan, China. This influenza-like infection can be highly dangerous, especially for people with a weakened organism. Coronavirus is transmitted from person-to-person after close contact. It is a so-called contageous infection. Illness does not appear immediately, but only after a period of 7 – 14 days. After arrival from a high-risk area, use a protection mask, 14 days of isolation are recommended, within which time any signs of a respiratory illness should appear, i.e. shortness of breath, coughing, and high temperature.
The subject of the competition workshop is a design of a new exposition stand for CTU at European fairs of post-secondary and lifelong education - Gaudeamus in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. The purpose of this competition is to come up with elegant, sophisticated and dignified solutions that are attractive to the target group of high school students. The resulting proposals will be an important basis for further discussion on the design of the new stand. The workshop is designed for students of bachelor and master programs of all faculties and parts of CTU in Prague. It is possible to enter the competition as an individual or as a team.
Prospective applicants can come visit the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Dejvice Campus from 26 February to 18 March. The start is always at 16:00 at the address Technicka 4, Prague 6. Prospective applicants can obtain information about the study directly from the Dean prof. Michael Valášek and at the same time see the faculty laboratories.
Last August, the CTU-CRAS team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was able to win among the non-sponsored teams in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge Tunnel Circuit and took 3rd place in the overall scoring. In the upcoming competition, which will take place in Washington (USA) on 18-27 February, the CTU-CRAS experts and their robots will be tackling with multi-storey terrain that includes the challenge of moving between floors on very steep and narrow stairs, possible but very difficult flythrough of vertical shafts, or new objects to detect, including the location of dangerous CO2 leakage source.
The Czech Centre in London is organizing the AI Science Café Series, which will host researchers Michal Pěchouček, Tomáš Krajník and Michal Čáp from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Jan Šedivý from CIIRC and former CTU visiting professor Jonathan Ledgard from january to may.