On 17 January, CTU commenced celebrations marking the 310th anniversary of publishing the imperial rescript with which Joseph I had doubtlessly supported founding of engineering school. A range of cultural events, lectures and professional meetings will be held until september this year, unveiling the past and future of the oldest czech technical university.
The 10th annual European Fair of Education and Lifelong Learning, Gaudeamus Praha 2017, will be held at the PVA EXPO Letnany exhibition grounds on 25 and 26 January. The CTU will not be missing on it with its university-wide interactive exhibition.
Individual faculties of CTU prepared Open door days for the prospective students. Those interested will have a chance to learn all that is to know about study programs, application requirements, admission process and all other useful information. Interesting exhibits will also be on display, as well as laboratories and students and teachers will also be available to talk to.
We invite you to the 11th Representative ball of CTU, which takes place in Prague´s Žofín Palace on Saturday, 18 February 2017 from 19.00. The ball is part of celebrations of 310 years anniversary of the Czech Technical University in Prague.