On 17 January, CTU commenced celebrations marking the 310th anniversary of publishing the imperial rescript with which Joseph I had doubtlessly supported founding of engineering school. A range of cultural events, lectures and professional meetings will be held until september this year, unveiling the past and future of the oldest czech technical university.


Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), a consulting company, updated the sectoral rankings of universities for the year 2017. They show that in the Czech Republic, the Czech Technical University in Prague have been evaluated as the best institution in five fields. The survey included 4,438 universities around the world. CTU in Prague is now among the best universities in the world in seven of the 46 branches and two thematic areas.
Czech Technical University in Prague, along with a dozen foreign partners become part of the European project DA-SPACE. It secures conditions for implementin of new ideas and innovation. The aim of the DA-SPACE project (Open Innovation to Raise Entrepreneurship Skills and Public Private Partnership in the Danube Region), namely the Danube Transnational Interreg Program, is the creation of open innovation labs to support young innovators and their ideas set within the Danube river region.
Despite the adverse weather conditions on Saturday, 18 March, the Fík 2 stratospheric balloon was successfully launched at the Dlouha Lhota airport Příbram, carrying a new dosimetry system for research of cosmic radiation in the upper atmosphere in its gondola. The mechanical components of the new dosimeter were printed on a 3D printer developed by the Department of Radiation Dosimetry Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Students from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering were also involved in its development, led by the department staff. They worked on programming of the measuring device, the detector response to neutron field modeling, modelling of the balloon suspension filled with helium, practiced searching for the system in the field and also on the technical background of the project.
Petr Lhoťan, a second-year student of the CTU Faculty of Architecture, have won the student competitive exhibition Druhá kůže (Second Skin) with his project on the completion of a block in Karlin borough. The project was desinged in design studio of prof. Lábus, dean of the faculty.
On the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 racetrack, the YAS Arena, the prestigious Mohammed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) took place on 16 and 17 March. Here, the team of Dr. Martin Sasek of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, accompanied by a representative of the American University of Pennsylvania and the British University of Lincoln, won first place in the discipline of cooperative collection of objects using a group of autonomous helicopters and took silver position in the category of autonomous landing on a moving vehicle. This success earned the team the possibility to participate in the Grand Challenge competition, in which they have won the bronze medal together with colleagues from the Italian University of Padua.