Students of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering organize the eighth annual Dean's cup. It is a tournament organized primarily for university and high school students, attracting up to 500 participants every year.
The 4th annual Cross Campus relay race will be held on Tuesday, 24 April, open to all runners and sports sympathizers from the Dejvice Campus. Students, educators and employees of all institutions of the Dejvice Campus, ie CTU, ICT, NTL, IOCC, KTF UK and Prague 6 can compete.
Lesamaj, a multi-genre festival in the spirit of student cooperation will take place in the Dejvice Campus on May 2. It is organized by students of the CTU, the Institute of Chemical Technology and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University. An interesting music program will be prepared for visitors such as the brass group Brass Avenue and Nero Scartch the multi-instrumentalist without genre borders. The theater stage will welcome the production of "The Meat of the Turkey" and will also include slam poetry session.


A prestigious race of autonomous Formula 1 cars in 1/10 scale was held in Porto, Portugal on 11 April. This is the second year of the competition organized by Pennsylvania University. Seven teams from around the world, including representatives from the USA, South Korea and Italy qualified for the race. The control and optimization algorithms created by Professor Zdeněk Hanzálek's developer team from the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics and students of the Cybernetics and Robotics program of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering managed to traverse the course for 9.1 seconds while a team from the USA, passed it in 11.5 seconds.
On 29 March, the British Ambassador's Prizes were awarded for the first time. The award, handed over by Ambassador Nick Archer, is intended for people who have advocated the development of common values between the Czech Republic and Britain. Ondřej Zbytek, student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, has been awarded in the "Young Personality of the Year" category. He has long been involved in the development of mist chambers and the promotion of particle physics.
On the occasion of the AI for Humanity Summit on 29 March, French President Emmanuel Macron presented the Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in France. In particular, he announced the establishment of a "network of four or five specialized institutes." The first such institute will be the PaRis Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, which aims to become an international research center in the field of artificial intelligence. Three academic insututes PSL University, Inria, CNRS, together with Amazon, Criteo, Facebook, Faurecia, Google, Microsoft, NAVER LABS, Nokia Bell Labs, PSA Group, SUEZ and Valeo are among the funding members. The important achievement is that the Czech Institute of Computer Science, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) at the Czech Technical University in Prague will become one of its partners.
The team of docent Zdeněk Hurák from the Department of Control Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering managed to master the technique of using electric fields to control multiple microscopic objects simultaneously and independently. Thanks to engagement in the Biocentex interdisciplinary research project, this technology can be used to diagnose diseases in the future. The Department of Analytical Chemistry from the Institute of Analytical Chemistry at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and biochemistry scientists from Masaryk University cooperate in the research program of the Center for Advanced Bioanalytical Technologies (Biocentex), supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. The goal is the so-called Lab on a chip, a way to work with minimal volumes of chemical or biological samples.
From 4 to 6 July, the next edition of the Rock for People Music Festival will take place at grounds of Hradec Králové Airport. The shape of the main entrance gate is designed by competening students of selected architectural studios of the study program Architecture and Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Civil Engineering.