Due to the persistent pandemic situation, most of the faculties of the Czech Technical University and the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies will be presented at the interactive trade fair. The fair will take place from 26 to 28 January 2021. It is a get-to-know event aimed at connecting high school students with universities.
From the comfort of your home, you will learn everything you want to know about studying at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and much more. We start live on Facebook and YouTube on Friday, 29 January, at 13.00, where you will be accompanied by a student of the faculty, Marek Tošovský.
A unique coaching course starts at the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies on 16 February, 2021. It will last one semester and builds on the previous very strong tradition. It will be the 24th run of the Specific Course for Coaches, a successful project based on the requirements of the International Coaching Federation. The course is designed to find the widest possible social application for its participants, and offers the possibility of education for people of all ages, interests and professions.


CTU in Prague and the Prague Institute of Innovation (Pii) have agreed on cooperation today. Together they will focus on the promotion of new scientific knowledge, innovative solutions and topics that will contribute to the development of modern metropolitan urban infrastructure and the protection of its environment. The actual collaboration has already begun. Pii is part of a project consortium in an application to the so-called European digital innovation hub (EDIH), which should make artificial intelligence capacities available to support business, optimize urban processes and education.
For the first time, astronomers have used an artificial intelligence method called active deep learning. Scientists from the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University with the active participation of students and in cooperation with the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences used the potential of artificial intelligence for the first time in the history of astronomical research. The article was published by the prestigious journal Astronomy and Astrophycics.
On the occasion of a new series of online discussions of important personalities in industry - the Barometer of Czech Industry - the National Center for Industry 4.0 prepared a new analysis. Its results were published on 13 January. The analysis is based on data obtained during 352 interviews with key representatives of selected companies in the Czech industry during October to December 2020.
The graduates of the Faculty of Architecture, Julie Kopecká, Vojtěch Rudorfer, Tomáš Pevný and Tomáš Rain and Jakub Vašek from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, were awarded in the competition presentation of diploma theses Diploma 2020 announced by the Czech Chamber of Architects.
Kristýna Gincelová from the Department of Dosimetry and Ionizing Radiation, Pavel Vrbka from the Department of Nuclear Reactors and Jan Mazáč from the Department of Mathematics are the authors of the best diploma theses for 2020 of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU in Prague.