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Mapping historic interiors, transferring packages, protecting airports, searching for lost or injured persons or fighting fires in high-rise buildings. Airborne robots or drones developed by a team from CTU can be used in all of these areas. They will now represent the Czech Republic at the World EXPO in Dubai.

Drones have become the centre of the universe for many enthusiasts of modern technology, but they have also given rise to research groups that devote their daily energies to the further development of these aerial helicopters and their application in the real world so that they can be as helpful and useful to humans as possible. Among them is the Multirobotic Systems (MRS) group which represents the absolute top in its field and which operates at the Department of Cybernetics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague,.

Now it will represent the Czech Republic and its university at the World EXPO in Dubai in a rotating exhibition that commemorates a hundred years since the word "robot" was first heard in Karel Čapek's play R.U.R. Visitors to the Czech pavilion will thus be able to see a total of six drones representing various robotic projects.

"It is an honour for us that our faculty will be represented by the Multirobotic Systems Group at EXPO 2020, the world's largest showcase of future technologies. The research team led by Associate Professor Martin Saska represents the world's leading workplace in the development of autonomously controlled drones and I am particularly pleased that not only doctoral students but also master's and even bachelor's students are given space," said Professor Petr Páta, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU.

Extinguishing, mapping, searching or transporting.Czech Republic to present flying robots at EXPO |RadioPrague International