The Joseph F. Traub Award, awarded since 1999 in the recent field of Information-based complexity, was awarded to doc. Jan Vybíral from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. He will receive the award at the Algorithms and Complexity for Continuous Problems seminar in August 2019 in Dagstuhl, Germany. Awarded by Journal of Complexity.
A new propeller test room for turboprop engines of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was presented at a press conference at the airport in Hradec Králové on 25 June.In addition to the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering prof. Michael Valášek, the event was also attended by the rector of CTU doc. Vojtěch Petráček, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimír Bärtl, US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Stephen B. King, CEO of GE Aviation Czech Milan Šlapák, Mayor of Hradec Králové Alexandr Hrabálek and Director of Czech-American Chamber of Commerce Weston Stacey.
The Faculty of Information Technology, (FIT CTU) participates in a unique research that makes drones safer and more usable. For example such as coordinating multiple drones with a rescue helicopter or delivering shipments. The four-member student team, in collaboration with the faculty, has developed a unique Dronetag device that uses modern mobile and satellite technology to make any drone visible in the air traffic control maps. The FIT CTU student team led by Ing. Lukáš Brchl has recently established the start-up company Dronetag, engaged in the development of small independent IoT devices for drones bearing the same name as the company. Their idea came up in November 2018 on Space Application Hackathon, where the team won in the Navigation category. The company's goal is to make drones smarter, interconnected and safe to access air traffic. FIT CTU owns a professional drone on which the device is tested. A key component of the entire system is a web-based platform and mobile application through which users can monitor nearby drone traffic and manage other Dronetag-connected devices.
The second annual Maker Faire Prague festival took place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds on 22 and 23 June. It is the largest Czech meeting of modern handymen and inventors, whose ambition is to introduce playful educational projects. The event's partner was CTU in Prague and Jiří Zemánek from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
The S.A.W.E.R. System has been dispatched from the headquarters of the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings at CTU in Buštěhrad to travel to the United Arab Emirates, where it should initiate a test production of water from the air using solar energy in the real desert conditions.
Seven professors from CTU took over the professorial appointment decrees at the Great Assembly Hall of Karolinum on 20 June
Scientists and students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering once again managed to get to the finals of the prestigious international robotics competition Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), which takes place in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. The CTU team, cooperating with leading university robotic workplaces in Pennsylvania and New York, advanced to the finals of the competition from more than 200 registered teams from around the world, giving them great chances for a total of $ 45 million worth of prizes.
In Cambodia, an expert team from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Technology, works with the support of the Czech Development Agency. For the first time in history, an educational field of Biomedical Engineering has been established here. The project was initiated by the Cambodian Ministry of Health itself, which recognized the need for this kind of study field to be established at the universities there. A team of scientists from the FBMI CTU under the guidance of Professor Karel Roubík was asked for help. Five years ago, Professor Roubík was behind a very successful project to introduce this promising and rapidly developing field in South American Columbia at Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga.
This year, CTU again presented itself at the National Technical Museum, where it presented its interactive exhibits and projects as part of the 16th Prague Museum Night. Visitors of all ages could discover themselves that studying science and technology at CTU in Prague can not only be interesting, but also useful for society. We introduced technical innovations, project presentations and attractions to see elsewhere than on campus.
On 7 June, another year of the academic champion title - University Eights - took place at the riverside of Rašínovo nábřeží. The 8+ rowing boats with Cox (helmsman) composed of students of individual Czech and foreign universities presented themselves at an unconventional distance of 1,000 meters. The race took place within the Primatorky rowing race and the CTU team managed to defend the primacy for the seventh time in a row out of nine. The CTU male crew: Jan Hájek, Albert Caban, Jakub Paroulek, Martin Basl, Jiří Kopáč, Vit Šantrůček, Vojtěch Dědek, Jan Zavadil and Tereza Andrlová as the Cox.