The S.A.W.E.R. system, developed at the CTU, can uniquely produce water from air. At EXPO 2020, it has now received an award directly from the hands of Sheikh of Dubai. EXPO ends today, but the system remains in Dubai for its academic and commercial potential.
Yesterday, at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) in Buštěhrad, students - members of the CTU team in the prestigious international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 - met with the Rector and other members of the CTU management, project partners and other guests. Representatives of the student team working under the guidance of teachers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering presented their competition project. Afterwards, the Rector of CTU Vojtěch Petráček inaugurated the construction of the competition building on the experimental grounds of UCEEB. The building is a wooden structure, so the traditional tapping of the foundation stone was replaced by screwing a screw into the floor panel.
A workshop on Agile methods in practice was held at the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MIAS) on Thursday, 24 March 2022. Head Agile Consultant KB Pavol Blaho together with his colleague, Agile Coach and the SCRUM MASTER, Václav Javanský, gave a lecture on agile ways of working. Using the example of KB's agile transformation, they introduced the participants to different agile project management methodologies and their advantages over traditional management methods.
The Department of Dosimetry and Ionizing Radiation of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of CTU in Prague (FJFI) prepared an intensive one-week course focused on the application of ionizing radiation for foreign participants of the ATHENS exchange project.
According to the ranking of the best institutions in the field of computer science, CTU computer scientists teaching at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering are among the European leaders in selected fields. Based on an internationally recognized comparison, the faculty has long been the best department in the Czech Republic in the field of computer science, no other scientific institution from the Czech Republic has reached the top ten in the CSRankings.
The Catalyst engine, produced by Avio Aero and GE Aviation, which was set up by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, has achieved an extraordinary international success. After a tender process and an extensive phase of technical and economic analysis, Airbus Defense and Space chose the Eurodrone unmanned aerial system with the Catalyst engine. The result of the tender was announced by Airbus Defense and Space on Friday 25.3.2022.
As promised, the Czech Technical University in Prague has provided accommodation to people who had to flee Ukraine invaded by the Russians.
On Wednesday March 23, 2022, the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the CTU in Prague (FNSPE) announced that it has received a permit from the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SÚJB) for the construction of the VR-2 nuclear reactor. It will be located in the same reactor hall where the faculty has been operating the VR-1 Vrabec reactor since 1990. The number of operating nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic will thus round up to ten in the future (not counting the Golem fusion reactor). In addition to the VR-1 and VR-2 reactors, there are also two research reactors of the Research Centre in Řež and six nuclear reactors operated by ČEZ in two nuclear power plants.
The tones of compositions by W. A. Mozart, S. Prokofiev and other classical composers rang out in Bethlehem Chapel during another of the regular concerts held by the Czech Technical University in Prague. The famous performance of soloist Roman Patočka was complemented by the bravura orchestral performance of the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra (SOČR). Those present in the hall were welcomed by the Rector Vojtěch Petráček, and the audience included many distinguished guests from the academic world. The Spring Concert 2022 was held without covid measures for the first time in a long time, and those who came could enjoy unconstrained social gathering, including a welcome glass of wine.
A person sleeps for a third of his life and a sufficiently long and good quality sleep plays an important role in his mental and physical state. The first day of spring, 21 March, is International Sleep Day, which highlights the impact of sleep on our health. More than 30% of the population, both adults and children, are at risk of sleep disorders. The BRAIN team from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at CTU is researching sleep disorders in collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).