The 11th annual University Eights, which took place on 17 September on Prague's Rašínovo nábřeží embankment, was won by Charles University among students. In neither of the final races was the winner completely unambiguous, especially for the men it was a drama until the last metres. Only after the finishing straight could the students of Karlovy Vary University raise their hands in relief.
The ensemble of humanoid robots at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU (FEL) has been expanded by iCub, the first robot equipped with all senses. Its features, especially its electronic skin, open up new possibilities for cognition of the human brain with the help of artificial intelligence at the Department of Cybernetics of the CTU FEL.
Experts from the Department of Telecommunication Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU have won a significant award, namely the 2nd prize at the 20th annual conference and competition eLearning 2021, which ended on 3 September in Prague. The team of Ing. Tomáš Zeman, Ph.D., Ing. Marek Nevosad, Ing. Jaromír Hrad, Ph.D., Ing. Jiří Holeček, Ph.D., Bc. Ing. Ivan Pravda, Ph.D., and Ing. Pavel Lafata, Ph.D., impressed the jury with the project Environment for Open Digital Learning Resources VOVCR.CZ.
Completely new doctoral study programmes for restorers, conservators and technologists will be offered by the University of Pardubice (UPCE) and the University of Chemical Technology (VŠCHT) in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague. The Faculty of Restoration of UPCE, which is based in Litomyšl, and the Faculty of Chemical Technology of VŠCHT in Prague will for the first time this year accept graduates who will continue their education in the doctoral programme Conservation Sciences in the Care of Tangible Cultural Heritage.
The launch of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft, which flew from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to the International Space Station (ISS) on 29 August, was watched with excitement by Czech scientists and students. Among them was Jaroslav Hrubý, who graduated from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University and is now working at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. The ship had on board a diamond quantum magnetometer, which he participated in the development of.
The Czech Technical University in Prague has slightly strengthened its position in the group of 1000 universities in the latest edition of the World University Rankings for 2022, published by the British company Times Higher Education. Despite the increasing number of universities ranked. A total of 19 Czech universities appear in the rankings.
On 1 September 2021, The University Elementary School Lvíčata (Lion cubs) opened its new facilities with the start of the school year. The opening ceremony was attended by the Rector of CTU doc. Vojtěch Petráček and the Chancellor and Chairwoman of the Founder's Council Ing. Lucie Orgoníková. The Rector then welcomed all sixteen first graders and their parents in their class.
In a series of videos called "Engineering and Truly Intelligent Future", which was created at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University (CIIRC CTU), a diverse world of contemporary science is presented to the general and professional public through micro-stories. Our ambassadors, established scientific capacities together with promising students present their research and projects from many fields - from the theory of automatic control and general artificial intelligence to drones flying in flocks.
T-Mobile is significantly expanding its cooperation with the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) of CTU, bringing a strong international dimension. The Deutsche Telekom parent group has selected the CIIRC CTU as its partner centre for applied research on Industry 4.0. The signing of the memorandum took place today on the occasion of the visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to CIIRC CTU.
On Friday morning, as part of his state visit to the Czech Republic, German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife visited the RICAIP International Research Centre at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CIIRC CTU). The centre is the result of long-term Czech-German scientific cooperation in the field of Industry 4.0. President Steinmeier met representatives of the academic and industrial sectors who participate in the research and development of modern technologies for industry. He got acquainted with the latest experiments focused on robotics and artificial intelligence.