From 26 September to 1 October, the World Championships in Water Slalom took place in the French city of Pau, which was also attended by Ing. Vít Přiddiš, Ph.D. of Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.
At the FOR ARCH international building fair, the results of the 9th annual Young Architect Award for Students and Architects were announced on 21 September. Out of a total of 39 entries centered on the topic of Periphery, both inside and outside, the jury had sent 11 designs to the final round. Radka Leláková and Ing. arch. Tereza Kupková were among the winners. The prize of the public was awarded to Ing. arch. Petr Stojanov. All laureates work at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University.
Every year, the EBEC Technical Competition is hosted by the BEST international student club (Board of European Students of Technology). At its recent instance, CTU students managed to get the international round, where they have won in one of the subcategories, competing with 120 students from all over Europe.
Experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU, led by docent René Hudec, continue to work closely with foreign partners in the preparation of ESA and China's international satellite project. This is a rare case when the space agencies have selected a proposal with the Czech top-level participation in the main consortium for the final realization of ESA satellite scientific project.
On 2 October in the morning, Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomír Zaorálek visited the Czech Institute of Computer Science, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University (CIIRC). The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Stanislav Štech also attended the visit.
The aim of the students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering was to get learn and deepen the knowledge of natural constructions, as their diploma theses are focused on straw house construction. As part of the student project, they had built an experimental straw-shaped object and examined it from a number of angles. They investigated the thermal and humidity status of straw walls, compared different methods of clay plasters application, monitored defects caused by deficiencies in the design or construction of the building.
The Dean of the CTU Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering and a specialist in quantum technology, was the first Czech in this millennium to be named Honorary Member (Fellow of the Society) in the international organization The Optical Society (OSA). It is a leading professional international organization for scientists, engineers, students and executives who bring new discoveries, create applications for real life, and accelerate achievements in science of light.
At the 5th annual Structures With Wood Scent 2017 contest, which was attended by 66 students from 9 Czech and Slovak universities, the students from CTU won in several categories. This year's theme was Wood is the Way, which is the title of an awareness campaign launched last year by the Wood for Life Foundation.
On Thursday, 7 September, a videomapping took place on buildings CTU-CIIRC and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering buildings, which concluded the celebrations of the 310th anniversary of CTU. These were commenced on 17 January, the day when an Imperial Rescript was issued in 1707, clearly supporting the funding of engineering education.
On Thursday, 7 September, the Chairman of the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR), Ing. Pavel Švagr, CSc., And Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CTU, prof. MUDr. Ivan Dylevský, DrSc., signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, Support and Information.