CTU held the 18th annual Science Week at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering on 19 - 24 June. The event was attended by 151 students from dozens of high schools from the Czech and Slovak Republics. 48 miniprojects , 14 tours and 17 popular science lectures were waiting for them.
A team of eleven pre-selected doctoral students attended the "European Olympics" at Clermont Ferrand in the last week of June. Our athletes won the second place in the competition of fourteen university teams from five countries.
The unique device makes radioactivity visible to naked eye has bee produced under the framework of the Nebula start-up by students Ondřej Zbytek and Ondřej Svoboda from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, along with Valery Mezentsev from the University of Economics. CERN had ordered production fo the device from the students and it is now on display at the Microcosm exhibition in Geneva.
Student of the Electronics and Communications study programme at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Marek Novák, engaged in the development of a unique meter that does not need batteries to run. It takes the form of a credit card and is charged through contact with a mobile phone. The equipment was founded as the X.GLU project start-up within the eClub, and was presented at the Pioneers 2016 conference in Vienna.
The results of the 5th annual ABB University Award 2016 competition were published on 22 June. With his diploma thesis on Navigation system for unmanned aerial vehicles and ultralight aircraft, Pavel Brož became the winner of the contest of scientific and technological projectsand by university students in the 2015/16 academic year. The Jury award went to Petr Šimek for his dissertation on methods of synchronization of pulse-controlled inverters in network with voltage disturbances. Both winners are studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
On 21 June, doc. Ing. Zuzana Masáková, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and doc. RNDr. Igor Medved, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Civil Engineeringt took their professorial appointment decrees from the hands of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Kateřina Valachová in the Great Hall of the Karolinum at Charles University in Prague. New professors were appointed effective from 17 May.
The team eForce FEE Prague Formula, representing the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, won with a large margin at the races in Lincoln. Students thus repeated their success from the competition in Barrie, Canada.
Results of the Gratias Tibi prize, awarded by the People in Need society, were announced in Prague's Lucerna cinema at the end of May. The project ‘Let’s save the darkness !’, overseed by Pavla Hudcová, student of the Electronics and Communications study programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, had won in the category for secondary schools.
The Eforce FEE Prague Formula team, representing the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, concluded the Formula Student competition with the overall victory in Barrie, Canada on 6 June. The students attended it as part of the project OTO - Over The Ocean.
The CTU University Centre of Energy-Efficient Buildings christened the first prototype of the WAVE micro-powerplant on 1June. These household powerplants will offer cheap electricity generated from biomass. Christening of the equipment, awarded with the best idea prize in the Ecological Oscar competition in 2015, was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek. The prototype development has been long supported by the E.ON power company.