The Entrepreneurship Week took place at various locations throughout the Czech Republic from 14 to 20 November, with CTU as its partner. The aim of the event, held in parallel in 160 countries worldwide, was mainly to address business and entrepreneurs, helping them in further development, motivate more people to do business and contribute to global economic growth.
Student of the Electronics and Communications study program of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Vojtech Zethner, received award in the Futura category for his electromagnetic accelerator prototype at the presentation ceremony of the 10th annual Czech Head competition which took place on 15 November in Brno.
The 23rd annual European Fair of Education and Lifelong Learning, Gaudeamus, was held at the Brno fair grounds on 1 to 4 November. The CTU exhibit wa evaluated as the best for the third time in a row. Reviewed by the high school students, the team of our university regularly ranks at the top positions since 2010.
On the website, internet enhanced maps for visually impaired users were made available for the Slovak Republic on 27 October 2016. The so-called haptic maps are the result of a technology that since 2014 generates data for tactile maps based on visual maps. The map portal cooperates on its development with academic centers ELSA CTU and Teiresiás Masaryk University in Brno. The Slovak haptic map is available in the approximate scale of 1:1200 as is the map of the Czech Republic.
Collaboration of scientists, students and the leading provider of open-source solutions, Red Hat, is covered by new research and development facility of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It was launched on 26 October as part of the Computer Department.
The first part of the successful exhibition A century of information - computer world at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering could be visited during end of May and throughout June this year. Pleased by the great interest of the public, the exhibition’s authors have decided to expand it and newly introduce a unique collection of various Czechoslovak and foreign computers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s of the 20th century alongisde with other contemporary equipment. Exhibits will be opened to the public from 25 October 2016 until 30 June 2017 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Dejvice (Technická 2 st, Prague 6, ground floor, room H1-28), every Monday and Wednesday from 13.00 to 17.00.
Despite bad weather, the student single seater of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Eforce FEE Prague Formula and CTU CarTech single-seater of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were presented at a makeshift racetrack in Technical Street on 12 October from 9.00 to 14.00. Showcase of last season´s performance and plans for the next academic year were part of the Day with CTU formulas event.
The company KOVOSVIT MAS, a.s. introduced some of the test parts for the HYBRID MANUFACTURING technology at the International Engineering Fair. The technology was created in cooperation with scientists from Research Centre for Mechanical Manufacturing Technology which is a part of Institute of Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This is the only technology for metal parts manufacturing fully developed in the Czech Republic, currently under patent management for its protection.
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presented its two-seat ultralight airplane, UL-39 ALBI, on this years´ International Engineering Fair. It cought the eye of fair´s professional comitee and recieved a MSV 2016 Gold medal in Transportation and logistics category.
On September 30, rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, prof. Petr Konvalinka and the CEO of Siemens Czech Republic, Eduard Palíšek, signed agreement on support of three of our professors. The contracts provide universities with direct access to the latest technologies, strategies and concepts. Siemens will also support VUT in Brno and TU Ostrava the same way.