The staff of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Polytechnic College of Jihlava joined their knowledge and experience to cooperate in a global project, Living Heart. Its ambitions is to become one of the key breakthroughs in the world of medicine. An accurate 3D model accelerates research and testing facilities for the heart disease treatment.
The conference STARGATE - The Innovation Day was held on 23 May in Vienna, hosted by the iHUB online platform. Stargate is a network of European iHUB platforms, incubators and accelerators, working together in the EU. The CTU InovaJET incubator is also its member.
During the penultimate weekend of May, a college tournament named BEST Beograd 2016 was held in Belgrade. In a very strong competition of 920 students from 21 universities in 10 countries and 2 continents, a group of seven athletes from CTU managed to achieve the overall victory.
Visitors of the exhibition “A Century of information - the computer world”, opening of which was held on 19 May at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague, can view the display of 400 kinds of Czechoslovak and foreign computers from 70s and 80s which come from private collection of Petr Váradi of Stara Paka.
The Startup Festival took place at the premises of the University of Economics in Prague on 11 May. Within its framework, the CTU Business Incubator InovaJET introduced the FIWARE software platform.
The first meeting of the Czech Ecosystem of Integrated Health and Social Care (ČEIP) was organized by the Czech Technical University in Prague at the National Technical Library on 4 May. During the event, the new platform was given support by representatives of ministries, universities, research centers, insurance companies, regions, cities, towns, patients, health care providers, investors, companies and associations.
Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, prof. Petr Konvalinka, signed a memorandum on cooperation between the CTU and Secondary Technical School in Prague 1 Dušní street during his visit to this high school and Higher Professional School of building on 4 May.
High school girl students were acquainted with selected work of some faculties of CTU in the Dejvice campus and Charles Square on 28 April under the Girls Day event. The laboratories of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering were made available for their inspection.
Leading science figures have met on 11 April at the Czech - German workshop on Industry 4.0. It was organized by CTU under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jan Mládek, and the Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, prof. Petr Konvalinka
A new generation of silicon carbid electronic components, which are considerably more durable than current silicon components, are developed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering by team of prof. Paul Hazdra. Carbide components allow increase of the efficiency of production and transmission of electricity from renewable sources.