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After three years of development and testing, a unique web application was created together with students from the Czech Technical University in Prague, titled Wowee. It uses the principle of crowdfunding among friends, family or colleagues, who, through a simple online application, can fold into meaningful gifts.

The idea to set up an online platform that you can use to fold into a gift in large numbers was acquired five years ago. Up-to-date application within the framework of teaching classes with students of the Faculty of Information Technology. Wowee application makes allows easy folding for small and large wishes and gifts in larger groups and collectives.

CTU strives to involve students in practice during their studies. The Faculty of Information Technology strives to maximize the involvement of students in real projects, thanks to which they can gain valuable experience. These can be used, for example, in another working career after graduation.

The Czech startup Wowee is fine-tuning a new website, testing the application and already earning its first income from cooperation with Czech e-shops. Using the app is free for users. All the money collected from a particular collection belongs to the recipient, even if the target amount of the collection is not withdrawn. Users can find out how Wowee works at