Leading science figures have met on 11 April at the Czech - German workshop on Industry 4.0. It was organized by CTU under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jan Mládek, and the Rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, prof. Petr Konvalinka
A new generation of silicon carbid electronic components, which are considerably more durable than current silicon components, are developed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering by team of prof. Paul Hazdra. Carbide components allow increase of the efficiency of production and transmission of electricity from renewable sources.
Graduates of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Ing. Jakub Novák and Ing. Jiri Hanousek are thought to contribute to the development of cancer diagnostics from the values of tumor markers. Biant (Bayesian Intelligent Associative Network for Tumor Analysis), a unique system, can determine the types and likelihood of occurrence of cancer diagnoses, including possible locations of metastasis.
CTU representatives met with the leadership of the contractor, Hochtief -VCES consortium, at the construction site during the director's inspection day at the end of February. CTU Rector prof. Petr Konvolinka personally supervises the construction at these regular monthly meetings. Besides the main user of the building, the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, other CTU parts will find new space in the building.
Faculty of Civil Engineering opened the travelling exhibition “Enchantment of old maps” in its atrium on 1 March. Seven unique mapping works from map collections of five institutions are presented. The exhibition, which can be visited by 25 March, is composed by posters on the using of old maps for research purposes in the field of geodesy and cartography at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. This set of panels is supported by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which has a long tradition of teaching cartography.
Shooting hard to reach areas of historic interiors - a task for members of the Multi-robot Systems Group, operating at the Department of Cybernetics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, that help conservationists using robotic drones. On 26 February, scientists together with the staff of the National Heritage Institute in Olomouc, have successfully captured the interior of the Sternberg parish building, using unmanned helicopters
Since 2012, the CTU ELSA Centre of student support with special needs carried out mapping of accessibility of individual faculties of the university. With the support of the Prague City Hall, this activity ended last year with the release of a new publication: Accessible CTU - Information on the accessibility of buildings CTU, for people with disabilities.
The Interactive light installation LINKY was switched on at the south side of the facade of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Dejvice on 25 February. The installation, created at the Institute of Intermedia, was designed by prof. Marian Karel and prominent glass artist and sculptor Josef Šafařík of Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, co-founder of the Institute of Lighting Design Jakub Hybler and director of Institute of Intermedia Roman Berka.
The 2nd Annual Conference on Small Nuclear Reactors (SMR) was held at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering on 11 February. It offered a profile of economic, technical and legislative conditions for the eventual construction of small nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic. The event was held under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ing. Jan Mládek, PhD.
The closing ceremony of the Inspireli Awards 2015 competition was held at the Art Restaurant Manes in Prague on 10 February. Its winner is Jakub Hoffmann of the Faculty of Architecture of CTU, who had captured the jury´s attention with his project for the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki.