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A ceremonial meeting of the Scientific Council of the Czech Technical University in Prague will be held at the Bethlehem Chapel on 29 January at 10.00 am, where prof. Eva Jiřičná and prof. Nejat Olgac will receive the honorary title Doktor honoris causa. The CTU awarded the honorary title of architect and professor Eva Jiričná as a honor and expression of respect for her life-long architectural work and many years of pedagogical activities in architecture and professor Nejat Olgac as recognition for his substantial contribution to the development of automatic control of mechanical systems, production machines and robots in cooperation with the Czech Technical University, for the support of the development of quality engineering and academic research at CTU and for the strengthening mutual relations of universities in the USA with CTU.

Eva Jiřičná graduated in architecture at CTU in 1962 and continued her postgraduate studies at the Master of Architecture School at the Academy of Fine Arts, where she completed her studies tutored by Professor Jaroslav Fragner in 1967. Since 1964 she had worked as an architect at the Institute of Housing and Clothing Culture in Prague. An important breakthrough in her life occurred when she traveled to London in 1968 while the Soviet occupation occured in Czechoslovakia. The study stay unexpectedly extended indefinitely, and although Eva Jiřičná now works around the world and often returns to the Czech Republic, her home has since become London. Eva Jiřičná is also an important pedagogical personality. She was a visiting professor at Harward University, the Royal College of Arts, Bartlett School of Architecture, and she was a regular professor and head of architecture at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague between 1993 and 2006. In addition to a number of awards for architecture, Eva Jiřičná is the holder of several honorary doctorates from both foreign and Czech universities.

Nejat Olgac is a world-renowned scientist in the field of dynamic systems with traffic delays. He is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut, USA. Nejat Olgac graduated from Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Istanbul in 1972. He then graduated from the Ford Foundation at the Columbia University in New York, USA. He defended a dissertation linking optimal management and a practical ecological application on "Stochastic Optimal Control of Artificial Aeration of River Systems". He then returned to Turkey and held a number of leading positions in the engineering industry. In 1978, he left for the USA and attended an academic career at the University of Connecticut, USA. The center of his interest was robotics and machine tools. He has built a laboratory of robotics and production machines (ALARM) at the University of Connecticut. He dealt with the research of optimal robot control associated with the practical application of the energy efficiency of underwater robots in rescue operations. Nejat Olgac has 125 impacted articles and 151 conference articles with 2107 quotes, 4 patents, and his H-index marks 30 in the WOS. He is editor of many magazines and organizer of many IEEE and ASME conferences.   For more information, please see the enclosed invitation.  

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