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5. 6. 2024
Civil engineering, architecture or geodesy? Those interested in studying who have not yet managed to submit an application have a chance at Faculty of Civil Engineering. They can apply in the second round of the admission procedure for five bachelor's degree programmes in Czech and one in English until 31 July 2024.

Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Sciences, Geodesy and Cartography, Construction Management and Economics, Civil Engineering in Czech and Civil Engineering in English. Applicants to Faculty of Civil Engineering can choose from these study programmes in the second round of the admission procedure. In order to be admitted, students must meet two conditions: have a secondary school diploma and successfully pass the admission procedure. This consists of a mathematics test for all study programmes, while those interested in studying the Architecture and Civil Engineering programme will also have to pass an interview in architecture.

The mathematics test may be waived for good academic performance in mathematics at secondary school or for successful completion of the Mathematics or Mathematics Extension subject, according to the given criteria. It is not necessary to apply for a waiver of the entrance examination, it is sufficient to provide the necessary documents. Candidates who are waiting for the mathematics entrance exam can use the preparation offer by Faculty of Civil Engineering - for example, there is a sample test in mathematics or the possibility to take a mock test in mathematics online, where its evaluation is also available.

For high school students with excellent results in mathematics, the Faculty has prepared an incentive scholarship - it can be obtained by those who pass the matriculation exam in Mathematics or Mathematics Extension, or if they have an excellent average of marks on their report card from the subject Mathematics and have graduated according to the Czech or Slovak Education Act, or if they succeed excellently in the admission test in Mathematics at Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU, at the same time they must responsibly undertake the beginning of their bachelor studies at the Faculty.

Details about studying at Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU in Prague can be found here: https://www.fsv.cvut.cz/studijni-programy/#bakalarske-studijni-programy, you can apply online here: https://www.fsv.cvut.cz/uchazeci/bakalarske-studium/prijimaci-rizeni/.

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