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12. 8. 2022
The Centre for International Development Projects of CTU is organizing the third edition of the summer school called September of development . The programme is a loose continuation of the Development Wednesdays lecture series, which is now in its fifth year. The one-week summer school on 5-9 September 2022 will connect technically oriented disciplines with development and humanitarian projects. Over 15 specialists will present their topics and introduce the audience to their projects and implementations. The summer school also aims to promote and initiate interdisciplinary cooperation.

"The summer school will bring together students and implementers from both technical and humanitarian disciplines to discuss important topics in humanitarian and development aid, such as construction in developing countries, the use of natural materials, water, sanitation, or the current issues of energy and food dependence and climate change. We will present specific projects, and there will also be practical workshops, such as building a yurt," says the founder of the Centre for International Development Projects (ICWD CTU) and co-organizer of the summer school Ing. Jan Tilinger, Ph.D.

Humanitarian and development organisations often need the advice of technically trained experts if their projects are to work well, even technically. The mere involvement of technically trained professionals in foreign development projects increases the likelihood that the resulting structures and infrastructure will last longer and serve better. "Multidisciplinary collaboration between technical and non-technical disciplines leads to a better base for project operation," add the organisers.

No prior in-depth technical knowledge is required to participate. Students of technical and non-technical schools, staff of development projects and the public interested in the topic are invited. The registration fee is only nominal, so anyone can participate, and registration is open until the event date. The organizer of ICWD CTU recommends the September of development to anyone who is interested in international development projects and would like to learn more about them.

More at: http://icwd.cvut.cz/rozvojove-zari-2022/

The September of development is supported by a grant from the Czech Development Agency from the funds of the Czech Foreign Development Cooperation. Within the framework of the same project, 16 Development Wednesdays (a series of lectures on development projects), 2 Project Marathons (joint creation of the technical part of a specific project) and lectures for secondary schools and 8th-9th grades of primary schools, which are completely free of charge for schools (Buildings in Context), will take place this year. 


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