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Fifty-four excellent students and graduates of universities in Prague, the technical university in Brno, and talented young workers at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic have received their awards at the castle of Josef Hlávka at Lužany u Přeštic. The award winners included students of CTU in Prague.

The Prof. Daniel Mayer prize for the best students of electrical  engineering was won by Ing. Tomáš Kouba, a third year doctoral student at the department of Theory of Circuits of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at CTU.

Josef Hlávka prizes were won by Barbora Hálková from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, by Ing. Jan Šmaus from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, by Ing. Šimon Mandlík from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, by Ing. Ondřej Kubů from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, by Bc. Šimon Knettig from the Faculty of  Architecture, by André Maia Pereira from the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, by Ing. Leoš Tejkl from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, by Ing. David Bernhauer, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Information Technologies, and by Bc. Adam Jirout from the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies.

The awards offered by the Nadání Foundation of Josef, Maria and Zdeňka Hlávka are scholarships for outstanding individuals in the form of travel, scientific or artistic scholarships. Applications for funding from the Foundation can be made by outstanding individuals from the public universities or from other institutions under the

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, or from the  Academy of Sciences  of the Czech Republic.