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Forty Master's and Bachelor's students from the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MIAS) attended a full-day programme at Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav. It consisted of five very interesting lectures in the morning, the so-called Day with Purchase, and an afternoon visit to the production plant and the Škoda Auto Museum. The event was thematically very close to the professional focus of the MIAS students, so even during the lectures, many questions and observations were posed by the students. Some of them expressed interest in further contact with the company in the preparation of their thesis.

Events of this type are intended to enrich the curriculum by bringing students into direct contact with practice; for example, they can test students' readiness to work in large international and highly innovative companies. Students also gain direct contact with experts, which they then use in the form of internships, consultations, or even employment in interesting and promising companies.