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The 30th anniversary edition of the iconic student competition Olověný Dušan selected the best studio works created at Faculty of Architecture. The prize in the Architecture category went to Timotej Hlaváček for his 7000t tomato project and in the Design category to Tereza Cvrčková for her design of an anti-parking barrier. The best architectural studio is Kuzemenský-Kunarová, and the best design studio is Streit-Polák.

The competition is organised by the Architecture´s Students Association (SPA) with the aim of providing an independent view of the quality of architecture and design education at the FA. The juries, made up of independent personalities, judge all the studio works of the past winter semester. The projects in the architecture category were evaluated by Alžběta Brůhová, Martina Forejtová, Jan Hora, Tomáš Kosnar and Štefan Polakovič. The jury for design was composed of Tomáš Bárta, Karolína Jeřábková and Barbora Kolerusová.

Timotej Hlaváček from the Valouch-Stibral studio brings a new perspective on logistics complexes occupying high-quality agricultural land in the 7000t tomato project. He proposes a hydroponic greenhouse on the roof of one of the halls in Hostivice near Prague. The jury appreciated the sophistication of the design, which comes up with a clever and complementary combination of uses for the industrial building. "The author has given his greenhouse halls an adequately artificial and simple, but refined architectural form. The glass structure with subtle grids of metallic structures create an unobtrusive but high-quality architecture," adds juror Tomáš Kosnar.

Tereza Cvrčková, a student of the Fišer-Nezpěváková studio, designed an anti-parking barrier that serves as a traffic element as well as a place to sit and rest. "The result is a playful, but at the same time mature part of the urban furniture. We also see great potential in the colour options, ranging from conservative monochrome groupings to playful colourful frenzy," adds Barbora Kolerusová on behalf of the jury.

Kuzemenský-Kunarová studio, which commissioned the theme Housing Vršovická in the winter semester, was awarded as the best architectural studio by the jury. In his evaluation, the jury member Štefan Polakovič writes: "Overflow of information sticks out from the studio, followed by lightness, processed breadth of scope, examination of various new relationships in the solution, searching and naming - a new perspective on the present-day idea of the quality of everyday life... Complex, excellent work of the management with the participants throughout the work."

The award-winning Streit-Polák design studio commissioned students to design a belt or seating furniture made of bent steel tubes. The jury praised the studio as "the place where the students gave the most thought to the overall presentation and were able to visually connect and present the different themes they were working on well."

The exhibition in front of the FA CTU building will run until 30 March. The nominated works can be viewed on the competition website and on the website Photos from the award ceremony can be found in the gallery.