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On 10 March, sixty high school students arrived at the Become an AI Expert for a Day event held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU. The participants visited four laboratories where teachers and PhD students from the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering presented AI research projects and the students tried out various practical tasks.

The programme started with a speech by the Dean of FEE professor Petr Páta and a lecture in which professor Jiří Matas spoke about the development of artificial intelligence and the possibilities of its use.

With the help of Ing. Martin Zoula from the Department of Computer Science, students learned about the possibilities of realistic simulation of walking robots and how to navigate them in an environment with obstacles. They then demonstrated the simulated principles on a four-legged robot Spot.

Professor Daniel Sýkora and his PhD students from the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction introduced the students to advanced video and image styling tools. The robots used to control mobile phones were then introduced in a scientific workshop by Dr. Karel Frajták and Dr. Petr Čížek, experts from the Department of Computer Science.

Experts from the Department of Control Engineering also prepared a varied programme. Dr. Jiří Zemánek and Ing. Krištof Pučejdl spoke at the beginning of the workshop about the development of automatic control systems or the use of mathematical pendulum in practice. And then they also allowed the students to try out some of the devices and mechanisms that they are working with and developing at the department.

The event ended with informal discussions, connected with lunch. Participants and alumni of the Software Engineering and Technology, Open Informatics and Cybernetics and Robotics programmes talked about their experiences and tips regarding their studies and university life in general.

Become an AI Expert for a Day is the second in a series of events for high school students focused on narrower research topics. The cycle started last November with the Become an expert for a Day on Electromobility programme. FEE CTU also organizes the Become a Scientist for a Day event with the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of CTU. The aim of the event is to encourage high school girls to study engineering and science and get them excited about science.