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CTU Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MÚVS) in cooperation with the University of Lille and the University of Vilnius launched the second year of the compulsory elective course International Project Workshop for students of the Bachelor's degree programme in Economics and Management. The second year continues in the same spirit as last year, when, in addition to the MÚVS students, students from abroad and companies from the private sector joined the project. Compared to last year, a new partner has been added to the project, which is Mikolas Romeris University from Lithuania. Ten selected students from each of the partner schools are participating, who, together with representatives of six companies, met for the first time at the end of February at the opening meeting in the premises of the Rector's Office of the CTU.

The preparatory phase of the course started in January, when the participants were divided into teams of five based on a selection process, and had the opportunity to get to know each other remotely in the first online meetings. Officially, the course started with an introductory week in Prague, where students could meet their teammates and tutors in person.

After the opening at the Rector's Office, the students spent a day at the company for which they will be working on their project. In the following days, several theoretical lectures were held to prepare the students for the challenging task of bringing their projects to success; now the teams will start working on the project implementation plan. They will receive expert project management background and implementation advice from teachers from the partner universities as well as representatives of the cooperating companies

The work of the teams will then continue remotely and a final meeting will take place in Vilnius at the end of April, where the teams will present the results of their work. A jury of experts will judge the projects and the students will also learn whether and how companies will use their solutions.

Following companies cooperate with the project: Cofidis, Komerční banka, L´Oréal, Linet, RHEA and TOTAL Energies.

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IPW is implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus+ programme within the new mobility module - Blended Intensive Programme.