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What do Tunis, German Ulm and Hungarian Budapest have in common? Now, for example, the fact that from these three places the ignition and measurements on the Golem tokamak in the centre of Prague at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI) were initiated on the same day via the Internet. For the first time in history, an African country was included in the list of countries from where the ignition of the plasma on the Golem tokamak was initiated.

The Golem tokamak - the oldest (it was put into operation in 1959) still working tokamak in the world - is also the only one that can be controlled even via a mobile phone. "The ignition from Tunis happened at the end of June during the 2nd Edition of École de la Physique du Plasma et de la Fusion dans la Région conference. This was done in collaboration with colleagues from the French Commission for Alternative and Atomic Energy (CEA Cadarache)," explains Vojtěch Svoboda from the FJFI Physics Department, who is the main leader of the Golem tokamak.