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Today, a new order of the Rector of CTU in Prague came into force regulating the conditions of study of Russian and Belarusian students - both current students and new applicants. The procedures for admitting students from Russia and Belarus are based on fulfilling the sanctions imposed by the Organs of the European Union.

Decisions on whether the University will apply the Regulations of the Council of the EU aimed at preventing technical assistance by non-admission of a student to a study programme will be taken by the constituent parts of CTU on an individual basis for each person with Russian or Belarusian citizenship. This is not a blanket measure. Each student from Russia or from Belarus (regardless of whether he/she is studying in a critical study programme or in a programme that is not considered critical) must apply in writing to the relevant dean or to the director of the constituent part by 19 August 2022.

CTU strives to ensure that current students who are demonstrably not connected to the autocratic regimes of Russia and Belarus and to prominent figures in those countries, can successfully complete their studies and in the future spread our common democratic and humanist values to these two countries, where they are currently being denied.

We offer the students a helping hand by not exercising collective discrimination and not terminating their studies on the basis of nationality alone. Each of the students will have an opportunity to explain in a motivation letter why he/she wants to complete his/her studies at our university, and on the basis of a justified exemption he/she will be able to remain within in the field of study – except in the case of a so-called critical field; in this case, the student must apply to be transferred to a program that does not conflict with the sanctions.