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What is the real carbon footprint of the Czech Republic? How should companies from different industries measure it in order to reduce it? And how will companies succeed in reducing CO2 emissions? A unique platform, which brings together a number of companies from several sectors of the Czech economy and of which the CTU in Prague is a member, wants to answer these questions. Its aim is to help companies map the situation and make the transition to more sustainable operations. The first comprehensive report, called Carbon Tracker 2022, will be published in late May and early June.

In the Climate & Sustainable Leaders Czech Republic, z.s., companies from finance, telecommunications, consulting and law firms as well as specialists in CO2 reduction have joined forces. The mission of the unique platform is to pursue the ambition of reducing CO2 production of the largest companies in the Czech Republic, to motivate key players in the Czech economy to launch projects that contribute to sustainability and climate protection, and to help with their implementation.

The thirteen founding members include: Allianz pojišt'ovna, Česká spořitelna, CTU in Prague, Československá obchodní banka, The CO2IN, HAVEL & PARTNERS, Mastercard, power2green, PwC Česká republika, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, Vodafone Czech Republic and White & Case.

The platform has committed, among other things, to compiling an annual overview of the CO2 emissions production and their reduction ambitions by the largest companies in the Czech Republic.

Work on the initial report, which will be called Carbon Tracker (, has started these days. It will be compiled using data provided by 150 companies with the largest turnover in the Czech Republic on the basis of questionnaires, as well as data from public sources. The chosen methodology for calculating the carbon footprint, which is used by the expert team of PwC Czech Republic to compile the Carbon Tracker, is based on the calculation according to the internationally recognized GHG protocol methodology. Companies will receive questionnaires in the next few days and will have until the end of March to provide data. At the end of May and the beginning of June, the final rankings will be published with expert commentary.

The Climate & Sustainable Leaders platform will help companies with CO2 reduction and all aspects that are relevant to this ambition. Whether it is measurement methodology, monitoring sector successes, understanding and implementing expected changes in legislation or setting a realistic pace of emission reductions.

"Being a member of this association is an opportunity for CTU and one of the practical forms of fulfilling the third role of universities. We want to pursue the goals of individual companies and at the same time motivate our scientists to further sustainable projects. We can also contribute to the platform with our impartial information and data resources, expert opinions from our experts and educational events," says Ing. Lucie Orgoníková, Chancellor of CTU, who will be member of the platform's board of directors.  

In addition to the Carbon Tracker report itself, the platform is already preparing a number of other activities in the field of education, awareness raising and methodological support in the area of sustainability and achieving climate goals. The association is an open platform, where other companies can become members.

Photo, courtesy of: Climate & Sustainable Leaders