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On 30 November 2021, a ceremony was held in the Bethlehem Chapel to award medals to CTU experts for exceptional performance in times of crisis. Rector of CTU, doc. Vojtěch Petráček, awarded 105 medals to researchers and other personalities who, through their innovations and personal or team involvement, contributed to the solution of the coronavirus pandemic situation in the Czech Republic and abroad. The medals were designed for this special occasion by Czech medallist, sculptor and publicist Michal Vitanovský.

Rector of CTU, doc. Vojtěch Petráček, said at the beginning of the gala evening: "I would like to thank all those who joined the fight against coronavirus on their own initiative. Last year, not only our researchers, but also students and volunteers came up with ideas. What our university accomplished during the pandemic is incredible! And it's great that the work of CTU experts continues and new innovations and valuable initiatives keep emerging. Tonight we are meeting with representatives of our core teams and representatives of the various faculties and units, whom I would also like to thank very much. Without your work and enthusiasm, the first wave of the pandemic would have been much more of a crisis."

Overview of teams and award winners:

CoroVent lung ventilator from FBMI: Bc. Ladislav Bís, MUDr. Lenka Horáková, Ing. Václav Ort, Vice Dean for Foreign Relations and PR of FBMI, prof. Karel Roubík, and Ing. Šimon Walzel. 

Full-face masks for frontline doctors: Robin Fišer, Martin Hřeben, Mayor of Prague 6, Mgr. Ondřej Kolář, Pavel Koníř, David Miklas, Michal Sláma, Mgr. Miloš Szabo, Th.D., and Radek Šmok.

Protective half mask RP95-3D from CIIRC produced by 3D printing: Ing. Pavel Burget, Ph.D., PhDr. Mgr. Vít Dočkal, Ph.D., and Ing. Alexandr Lazarov.

Mask from CIIRC marked RP95-M produced by injection moulding: Ing. Jaroslav Lískovec, Director of the National Centre of Industry 4.0.

Robotic assistant with fine and precise pipetting of samples for Covid-19, "Pipettor". CIIRC team: prof. Ing. Václav Hlaváč, CSc., RNDr. Lenka Richterová, Ph.D., from Bulovka Hospital, Ing. Daniel Seifert, Ph.D., Ing. Vladimír Smutný, Ph.D., and Ing. Libor Wagner.

The medal for Anti-COVID disinfection developed at FJFI was awarded to: doc. Ing. Václav Čuba, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Development of FJFI, Ing. Kateřina Čubová, Ph.D., Iveta Terezia Hošnová, Ing. Lucie Orgoníková, Chancellor of CTU, Lenka Prouzová Procházková, Martin Daňa, Kateřina Fialová, Assoc. RNDr. Jan Kozempel, Ph.D., Barbora Neužilová, Lukáš Ondrák, Xenia Popovič, Tomáš Prášek, Ing. Miroslava Semelová, Ph.D., and RNDr. Martin Vlk, Ph.D.

Disinfection from FSv: prof. Ing. Milena Pavlíková, Ph.D.

Volunteers from FBMI: Bc. Tereza Ptáčková, Bc. Michal Verbovský.

Loan of top faculty devices from FBMI to the Kladno Regional Hospital: Mgr. Pavel Böhm, MBA.

Video Covid Czechia: Martin Hausenblas, Petr Ludwig, prof. MUDr. Leoš Navrátil, CSc., MBA, dr.h.c., MUDr. Emil Pavlík, CSc., doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., Rector of CTU in Prague, Ing. Vladimír Ždímal, Dr., CSc.


Project FreMEn contra COVID and unique application Nebojsa from FEL: doc. Ing. Tomáš Krajník, Ph.D.

On-line monitoring of bed capacities in cooperation of CIIRC CTU and start-up TRIX Connection: Ing. Petr Kadera, Ph.D., and Ing. Václav Jirkovský, Ph.D.


System for remote monitoring of devices in the ICU, VentConnect CIIRC, in cooperation with experts from FEL, FBMI and University Hospital Královské Vinohrady: Ing. Lenka Vysloužilová, Ph.D.

Chatbot on the coronavirus website by FIT students Tomáš Stanovčák and Jan Šafařík.

Independent expert opinion for the mobile app eRouška from FIT: Ing. Martin Půlpitel.

Wowee app from FIT based on the principle of fundraising: Michal Maněna.


CloudFIT computing cloud from FIT used in the Folding@home project: Ing. Martin Vaňko.


Innovation online hackathon organized by FIT: Bc. Ondřej Brém.


Smart Triage app by the creators from UK and FIT: Bc. Tomáš Trejdl.


Application for working with historical sources,, from FEL: Ing. Karel Frajták.  

On-line tutoring by volunteers from FEL: Daniel Vítek.

Creation of SMS gateways for employees' and students' mobile phones for communication on Faculty of Mechancle Engineering: Ing. Jiří Zápotocký, Secretary of the Faculty of Engineering, and Josef Zima.

Development of a mobile FS robot for patient care in large hospitals based on a commercially available robotic vacuum cleaner: Ing. Petr Beneš, Ph.D.


Reducer made by 3D printing to connect the HME filter and full-face mask to the Faculty of Mechanicle Engineering to help Hospital Na Homolce: Ing. Jan Zavřel, Ph.D.


Development of a new shape of the FS swab brush for nasal cavity sampling: Ing. Pavel Steinbauer, Ph.D.


Solution for online testing of new GE engines in FS aircraft engine test facilities: Ing. Jiří Šolc.


Development and 3D production of a respiratory filter against viral particles on FS with verification of functionality and utility properties at the Czech Academy of Sciences: Ing. Lukáš Pelikán.

Procedure for 3D printing of protective masks at FEL that can capture viruses: Ing. Tomáš Tichý.

Protective shields and respirator with replaceable filter from FD: Ing. Jan Falta, Tomáš Fukar, Ing. Zdeněk Svatý, Ph.D., Ing. Josef Svoboda, and Jan Válek. 


Filter adapters for full-face masks from FIT 3D printing laboratory: Tomáš Sýkora. 


Testing of air quality in the breathing space of the full-face mask on FSv: prof. Karel Kabele.


Production of protective shields on 3D printers FSv: Ing. Michal Kovářík.

Eppendorf pipetting robots for the automation of sample testing for COVID-19 by the team of FEL, CIIRC and Faculty of Medicine of Charles University: prof. Ondřej Cinek, Motol University Hospital, Ing. Petr Čížek, Ing. Bedřich Himmel, Adéla Přibylová, Charles University Faculty of Science, Ing. Jakub Sláma, and Ing. Petr Váňa.

Workswell MEDICAS thermal imaging camera for screening of febrile manifestations of infectious diseases in FEL: Jan Sova. 

Prototype of textile composite material from FEL that can be sterilized by electric current: doc. Lukáš Vojtěch.

High-power laser therapy used in musculoskeletal rehabilitation to minimize the consequences of covid pneumonias, from FBMI: Ing. Aleš Příhoda.

Production of nanofibrous textiles from UCEEB: Ing. Antonín Lupíšek, Director of Science and Research, UCEEB.


Donation of 60 monitors and other computer accessories from FEL to the organizers of the charity project for families in need, Computers for Children: Ing. Martin Samek.

Nanofibrous layer produced by electrospinning on Nanospider LB500 at FSv: Ing. Zuzana Rácová, Ph.D., and Mgr. Pavla Ryparová, Ph.D.

Tube opener produced on a 3D printer from FEL: Bc. Jiří Kubík.

Logistics web platform GoDeliver for FIT: Ing. Adam Zvada.

The Rector of CTU also awarded the deans of faculties and directors of CTU institutes. He presented the medal to them for their personal work as members of the university's crisis management team, and at the same time as an award for the faculty or higher education institute as such. For example, many staff members have contributed, even in a small way, to the fight against covid, e.g. by sewing masks or other activities at the onset of the pandemic, and the award for the faculty or institute is also an appreciation of their work.

The winners were:


pro. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc., Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

prof. Ing. Michael Valášek, DrSc., Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

prof. Mgr. Petr Páta, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc., Dean of the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering

prof. Ing. arch. L. Lábus, Hon. FAIA, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture

doc. Ing. Pavel Hrubeš, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Transport

prof. MUDr. Jozef Rosina, Ph.D., MBA, Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

prof. MUDr. Ivan Dylevský, DrSc., Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

doc. RNDr. Ing. Marcel Jiřina, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology


doc. Ing. Jiří Kolísko, Ph.D., Director of the Klokner Institute

Prof. PhDr. Vladimíra Dvořáková, CSc., Director of the Masaryk Institute of Higher Studies

Ing. Robert Jára, Ph.D., Director of the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings

Mgr. Ondřej Velek, Ph.D., Director of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics

doc. Ing. Ivan Štekl, CSc., Director of the Institute of Engineering and Experimental Physics

doc. PaeDr. Jiří Drnek, CSc., Director of the Institute of Physical Education and Sport


Photo, source: Jiří Ryszawy