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Roberta Bimbová from the Department of Physical Electronics, Ondřej Kubů from the Department of Physics and Tomáš Jakubec from the Department of Mathematics received the Dean's Prize of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI) 2021 for the best diploma thesis.

The FJFI Dean's Awards are usually presented at the Faculty's representative ball titled The All-Nuclear Fusion, which, however, as last year, could not take place due to the epidemiological situation. The dean, Prof. Igor Jex, personally presented the award to Ondřej Kubů on 30 June 2021, the other two awarded are abroad.

The Dean's Prize 2021 was awarded to the top-ranked Ing. Roberta Bimbová for her thesis on Single photon detectors for monitoring cosmic debris at 1064 nm. The second highest ranked is Ing. Ondřej Kubů with his study Integrable and superintegrable systems of cylindrical type in magnetic fields. The last of the awardees is Ing. Tomáš Jakubec, who worked on the topic Numerical simulation of multiphase flow on unstructured networks with arbitrary topology in 3D .

The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Igor Jex, awards the three best diploma theses since 2015. The theses are nominated by the heads of the departments or the chairman of the State Final Examination Committee. Subsequently, they are judged by a committee which, in addition to the professional level, also evaluates the stylistic component of the submitted work. In addition to the diploma, the recipients also receive a financial reward of CZK 10, 15 and 25 thousand.