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For the second time, the student team is participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe 21 competition, which focuses on sustainable, efficient and innovative construction using renewable energy sources. The students entered the event with a project called FIRSTlife. They are responding to an assignment focusing on the problem of limited capacity and quality of urban housing, including the urban context. The project, led by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and supported by the University's Energy Efficient Buildings Centre, elaborates on the theme of "Refurbishment and Extension" and applies it in the context of increasing the capacity and quality of student housing. The student team chose the Větrník student halls of residence in Prague as a model building. The project received the patronage of the Rector of CTU doc. Vojtěch Petráček, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Although the students chose a specific model building, the concept is applicable to any building with a similar typology, as the layout design allows for the adaptation of the building to a different target group, such as a home for the elderly or starter housing for the young, in case of changes in social and demographic conditions. The design uses a modular, prefabricated solution that will speed up construction and thus reduce the time when the site and the residents of the existing building are affected by the construction.

The student team working on the project, whose core consists of more than 35 students from various disciplines of bachelor, master and doctoral studies, mainly from CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, but also students from Charles University, Masaryk University and Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, will be supported in the implementation by professional consultations from teachers from the participating faculties and researchers from UCEEB. The students will not only design the dormitory extension, but must also build a so-called demonstration unit (HDU) - a representative piece of the entire extension project - and operate it during the competition and public shows.


The students are expected to complete the building in the spring of next year, with the actual final of the competition taking place in June 2022 in Wuppertal, Germany. There they will compete against the homes of 17 other teams from Europe and Asia.