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At the end of 2017, the Faculty of Civil Engineering was the first domestic university to receive accreditation from RICS. It offers its holders a top job in prestigious real estate companies. Thanks to it, since 2015, graduates of the field "P - Project Management and Engineering" can apply for the globally respected MRICS title after only two years of practice. In the standard process, they could report after ten years of experience. Ing. Josef Kupec became another holder of this title in May 2021 .

After completing his master's degree in 2014, Ing. Josef Kupec MRICS his professional career in the international construction company Skanska a.s. in the position of production preparer. After completing a specialized study focused on real estate valuation at the University of Economics, Grant Thornton took up the position of a consultant at the expert institute. 

Since 2018, he has been working as a Valuation Specialist within KPMG consulting company, where he is primarily responsible for revising real estate valuation reports for the purposes of financial reporting of leading Czech and international investment groups, investment funds, banks and real estate developers. Since 2018, he has also been working as a combined doctoral student at the Department of Economics and Construction Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering. 

Josef Kupec started his preparation for RICS for the "Commercial Real Estate" pathway in 2018, successfully completed it with an exam in May 2021 and obtained the MRICS title and thus became another successful holder of this title within the accreditation of the study field "project management and engineering" obtained from RICS, "says Ing. Martin Čásenský, CSc., From the Department of Economics and Construction Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU, who is behind the cooperation of CTU and RICS. 

RICS (Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors) is the world's leading professional real estate organization, focusing on all areas of the real estate market, setting the highest professional standards and ethical rules and ensuring that they are complied with. Experts with this title are highly valued by prestigious real estate companies, consulting or development companies, and their profit opens the door to a career.