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Epilepsy affects about 1% of the Czech population, with conventional treatment with antiepileptics failing in one third of patients. In some cases, drug-resistant patients may undergo neurosurgery to eliminate the cause of the seizures. In multidisciplinary cooperation with doctors, biologists, mathematicians and technicians, experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering are developing new procedures that help identify the cause of seizures, or even plan and assist in surgery.

Part of the research with an overlap into other neuroscience disciplines is the understanding of the functioning of the brain at the cellular level up to extensive brain networks. Our scientists and their students use knowledge from the fields of signal and image processing, statistics, artificial intelligence and electronics.     

Working on the EpiREC project at the Faculty are Prof. Roman Cmejla, Ing. Radek Janča, Ph.D., Ing. Petr Ježdík, Ph.D., Ing. Jan Kudláček, Ph.D., Ing. Jan Chvojka, Ing. David Kala and Ing. Lenka Svobodová.