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Yesterday evening, the final evening of the Hack the Crisis Czech Republic hackathon took place in the WeWork coworking space in Prague. With the participation of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček and Government Commissioner for IT Vladimír Dzurilla, the expert jury selected eight winning projects, which shared 10 million crowns donated to the competition by Hyundai. The winning project was DIANA Biotechnologies. In second place came the unique solution of pulmonary ventilation CoroVent, designed for the treatment of COVID19, by the team of prof. Karel Roubík from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in cooperation with partners. The CoroVent ventilator is currently manufactured by MICo Medical.

During the two months of the hackathon, 206 projects applied. Thanks to the unique cooperation of the public, private and academic spheres, 108 of them managed to help. Together with the Czech Rise Up financial support program, more than 400 unique projects for combating the crisis have applied, which is an average of seven projects every day for the duration of the hackathon.


"I really appreciate the award we received. I am very pleased that the unique Corovent ventilator design has been achieved through a combination of scientific university research, the COVID19CZ initiative and industry practice. Although we achieved this result in a very short time, thanks to the immense endeavour of all, motivated by the effort to help with the treatment of Covid-19, we still have a lot of work to do, especially in connection with certifications and new improvements we are already working on, "said prof. Karel Roubík from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering CTU. 


Winner projects:

1st place in the competition, prize of CZK 3,000,000: DIANA Biotechnologies

2nd place in the competition, price CZK 2,000,000: CoroVent

3rd place in the competition, price CZK 1,000,000: Active nanofilters against COVID-19

Five projects were awarded a special prize of CZK 700,000: Gray Cortex, Oxygenerator, Kaleido, Hunter Games and FreMEn contra COVID.

The above is acknowledgment to the fact that the CoroVent ventilator has its place among the successful projects to fight coronavirus.

The FreMEn contra COVID project is led by Tomáš Krajník from the Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU in Prague and its key output is the FreMEn Adviser app, which predicts the concentration of people in public places. It offers its users recommendations on when shop for food, go to park or visit pharmacy to avoid crowds. The app builds on the principle of "social distancing", which was recommended by the World Health Organization as an effective tool in preventing the spread of the virus. The technical solution of the project is based on several years of AI research, which creates spatio-temporal maps from the anonymous user data. Everyone can voluntarily participate in data collection and thus contribute to the prestigious AI research, saving time normally spent in queues and eliminating the spread of the disease. In addition, there is no doubt about the sustainability of the project. It will find its application even after the end of the crisis, for example during the regular flu season. More information about the project and the app for Android can be found at