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The University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University has started the production of nanofiber textiles for its instrumentation usable as filter membranes. The material will be offered for further processing to manufacturers or those interested in veils.

The nanofiber fabric was developed by the Laboratory of Advanced Biomaterials of the Czech Technical University UCEEB in cooperation with the companies ProNanoTech and Nanuntio. It is produced by the electric field spinning method on a Nanospider-NS 1S500U from an 11% spinning solution of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) dissolved in ethanol.

CTU UCEEB employees have so far produced a total of 22 m2 of material, which, together with instructions for use, will be delivered to veil manufacturers in Kladno, Buštěhrad and Unhošť. The production of nanotextiles is expected to continue in the coming weeks. Those interested in its delivery can turn to Lucia Siskosová.