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The Faculty of Information Technology involved the CloudFIT faculty computing cloud in the Folding @ Home project. The Faculty thus provided computing power of: 500x Intel Xeon @ 3GHz CPU, 1TB RAM, 4x GPGPU Tesla V100, 32GB.

 Folding @ Home is used by development teams around the world to calculate and simulate drug research. Basically, it is distributed computing where home computers divide their work to simulate the behavior of complex molecules. Now the project is also used for coronavirus research. Several research projects on COVID-19 are currently included in Folding @ Home: they analyze its structure and interaction with human cells and look for substances that might be effective against the virus. Even if it turns out that it's impossible to find an effective cure for coronavirus, these analyzes will help to explore as many ways as possible to combat it.


Students and staff of FIT also participated in the project. In general, this computational assistance should greatly facilitate efforts of  researchers and laboratories also involved in Folding @ Home around the world.