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The Wowee web application opens the door for human solidarity and allows financial assistance to those who find themselves in a difficult situation at the time of the corona virus infection. The application works on the principle of financial collection, thus becoming contactless help for the ones in need. The project was created in cooperation with students of the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT CTU), originally for the purpose of fulfilling wishes between friends and family.

It is currently expected that many people will have to cope with reduced financial income due to the coronavirus constraints. The application, which was originally created to raise funds for gifts to loved ones, will temporarily serve to help others in need. 

All you need to do is sign up for a free Wowee app, create a wish or charity collection for a specific person, and share it with others so they can get involved. All the money collected from a particular collection belongs to the recipient, even if the target amount of the collection is not withdrawn. 

The Wowee application was created in 2017 thanks to cooperation with FIT CTU, which provided the technological background for application development. Involvement of faculty students, who participated in the project through their final theses, was crucial to the application.