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This protection is intended for all who are at high risk of contact with coronavirus COVID19 and who are unable to access the fully functional FFP3 protective device and shield for the time being. These are not only healthcare professionals, pharmacists, but also shop workers who are in contact with a large number of people and are in close contact.

“I would like to point out that with this guide we try to solve a crisis situation and should be understood as a guide to achieve the maximum possible personal safety in the construction of our own improvised filter and shield,” says CTU Rector doc. Vojtěch Petráček. “Of course, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for the problems caused by the use of a filter you have designed. However, we believe that this guide can help find a temporary solution that works to reduce the risk of your infection. Please understand this and follow your own experimental feelings and common sense when experimenting. Staying in prototypes may be inconvenient, but it is the maximum comfort that exists at the moment, ”adds doc. Petráček.


See the enclosed manual for more information.