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The Joseph F. Traub Award, awarded since 1999 in the recent field of Information-based complexity, was awarded to doc. Jan Vybíral from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering. He will receive the award at the Algorithms and Complexity for Continuous Problems seminar in August 2019 in Dagstuhl, Germany. Awarded by Journal of Complexity.

The mathematical field of complexity deals with the cost of calculating a task, while the most frequently considered costs are the time and memory demand of the calculation. The sub filed of information-based complexity adds an incomplete task entry into the calculation. Jan Vybíral is probably the only Czech mathematician who systematically devotes himself to this subject in the Czech Republic. Information-based complexity is a purely theoretical area of mathematics that can, for example, prove that something cannot be calculated better or more effectively. Jan Vybíral has been with FJFI since October 2017. During his doctoral studies, he came across the information-based complexity at Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany, where Erich Novak, one of the founders of the field, was one of his mentors. He gave four lectures at the faculty last semester, and according to him, the lecture called Compressed Imaging can be classified under the information-based complexity sub-field.

As a researcher, Jan Vybíral participates at the Center of Advanced Applied Natural Sciences (CAAS) within the THEORY research program.