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The Technical Street in the Dejvice Campus became a pedestrian zone from 1 May to 1 July. The closure of the street was created as a project of students and the Prague City Hall., Students' representatives, councilor Jaromír Beránek (representative of councilor for education Vít Šimral and 1st deputy mayor Petr Hlaváček), author of the ideological concept of the urban development of the campus Pavla Melková, coordinator of the Dejvice Zita Adamová and director of NTK Martin Svoboda met on 29 April. The meeting brought some quick conclusions.

The participants also agreed that the 2nd phase of the urban planning concept of the Dejvice Campus will be elaborated, which will give a clear action plan and specific tools for implementation, including the appointment of a responsible person to coordinate the renewal of the space.