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The jury of the largest international student design contest in the world (TISDC 2018) has appreciated the bachelor work of student Tereza Vacková from the Studio of Tvarůžek of the Institute of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture. The jury awarded her a special award in the International Design Association category for the CleS tool - Clever Seek. This is an unobtrusive device that helps the visually impaired in orientation. The device is reminiscent of headphones, but it does not fit in the ears, but around the neck.

The elegant device has a built-in GPS locator, day and night vision camera, microphone, speaker and additionally, headphones can be connected to it. All data is sent immediately to the help center or relatives via the application. Except receiving the exact position of the blind, they will also see any physical obstacles or threats that they can warn the user.

The graduate of the bachelor's degree in Design has learned about the navigation application for the visually impaired and decided to deal with how these people could use it while walking. So she came to the cravat variant. During the preparation of the concept, she spoke with many visually impaired people and also with a number of experts about possibilities of hardware and sound. The concept was prepared by MgA. Martin Tvarůžek and Ing. Petr Fiala from the Institute of Industrial Design at Faculty of Architecture.

The award of the 11th International Taiwan Design Design Competition (TISDC) 2018 was held in Taipei on 1 December last year. Overally, 20,833 student projects from 895 educational institutions from 66 countries or regions enrolled in the competition. By the number of entries, this competition has surpassed well known international competitions such as iF or Red Dot. The theme of this year was "Breakthrough and Innovation".