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There are several large-scale international evaluations that compare world universities, using different methodologies to measure higher education institutions. The CTU in Prague is ranked higher or lower in these evaluations, but it perceives the QS as a standard, especially for reasons of quality, reputation, quotations and number of students. QS World Rankings compares thousands of world universities based on criteria such as the academic reputation of the workplace and its staff, the number of quotes or the number of local and foreign students. The Czech universities were placed as follows: 317. Charles University, 531-540. Czech Technical University in Prague, 571-580. Masaryk University and 651th - 700th. Brno University of Technology and Palacký University.

American universities are traditionally placed on top of the list, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1st), Stanford University (2nd), Harvard University (3rd place), California Institute of Technology (4th place). Following places belong to British Universities in Oxford (5th place) and Cambridge (6th place), followed by ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (7th place), Imperial College London (8th place), University of Chicago ) and University College London (10th place).

Doc. Ing. Petr Kordovský, Vice-Rector for Development and Strategy, says: "Ranking is a relatively important source of information not only for prospective students, as they were originally thought, but also for various decision points, from local governments to governments or international bodies. Their method of evaluation and the criteria used are part of the know-how of the individual institutions that issue them. An increasing number of universities are being evaluated. The criteria are predominantly set to the Anglo-Saxon model of the university, which is unambiguously shown in the overall tables. Yet, on a global scale, we maintain a year-on-year score, but due to the growing number of universities evaluated, our ranking in the ranking slightly deteriorates. In a more detailed view by subject, the position of individual CTU departments is clearly better. In particular, we look at our position among comparable institutions in the Czech Republic and in Europe. We are proud of our rankings in regional evaluations, like the 9th place among the 300 ranked universities in the 'Emerging Europe and Central Asia' (EECA) regional ranks. CTU management is aware of the importance of these assessments and devotes enough energy to analyzing and defining a strategy for further action. We have created a team to devote to the methods to optimize our ranking on our charts. "

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