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Students of the Czech Technical University and Charles University from the Alquist team created the first experimental film in collaboration with the Rebel & Glory and the CoFilm which can be controlled by the audience. ‘The Story of Alquist’ connects the latest technology with film production to create an innovative, interactive experience. The whole application is in English and aims to outline current technological possibilities. It's available for free on the internet or for download on Google Play.

The Story of Alquist, presents a story of two young people trying to uncover the secrets of an abandoned factory. The story is inspired by the famous theater play ‘R.U.R.’ by Karel Čapek, in which the word robot was coined and in which a character named Alquist also appears.

Alquist students also develop conversational artificial intelligence for the Alexa Prize, organized by the American giant Amazon. In 2017, they finished on second place in the overall competition and this year they again advanced  in the finals. The award ceremony will take place at the end of November in Las Vegas. We will, of course, inform about their ranking this year as well.