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The new Laboratory of Ethical Hacking opened on 26 April the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague in cooperation with the NN Group. The lab offers students a great opportunity to try out theoretically acquired experience in practice.

Nowadays, the importance of securing IT systems is growing and there is an increasing demand for scholars dedicated to security. The faculty and the NN Group are aware of the need to educate such specialists and therefore decided to open a new HackingLab Laboratory.

The task of ethical hacking is to simulate the activities of real attackers by looking for system weaknesses to increase its security. This activity is legal and ethical and usually takes place in cooperation with the system owner or administrator. The new lab offers an environment where students can test how to challenge different IT systems. One of the computers is also designed for the student´s offensive role with number of tools to attack the other systems taking advantage of their security flaws and vulnerabilities. These weaknesses are not obvious at first glance, so students learn to discover them in order to better defend them later in practice. Students will have a unique opportunity to understand the context of looking at this issue from both sides and gaing experience that will help them in practice.