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On 23 June, the results of the 4th annual Crytur Award for the best diploma thesis in material sciences were announced in Turnov. The first place is shared by Ing. Tomáš Grabec from the CTU Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and Ing. Petra Janská of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague. Laureates of Honorable Mention are Ing. Adam Říha and Ing. Jakub Veverka, both from the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering.

The Crytur Award is designed for students in the last year of study at Czech and Slovak universities. A total of 24 science studies from 13 universities applied this year. Ing. Grabec had caught jury´s attenition by his work on "Characterization of complex material systems by means of surface acoustic waves using laser-ultrasound methods", applicable in metallurgy and metal processing.