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On 7 June, the L'Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science was awarded at the French Embassy in Prague. One of the laureates is Anna Kučerová from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which deals with probabilistic engineering mechanics.

The L'Oréal-UNESCO project For women in science, has been rewarding czech scientists since 2006 on the basis of presented scientific papers. Anna Kučerová deals with the development of new methods for designing experiments from which material properties are found. For example, computational models for simulating carrier rocket engines have a number of parameters that need to be correctly determined to reliably simulate the behavior of a carrier rocket at launch or in space. For this, a large number of costly experiments are used.

In cooperation with the European Space Agency, Anna Kučerová is looking for new methods for designing optimal and robust experiments. She attempts to determine the properties of the materials used as accurately as possible, even taking into account the various uncertainties and inaccuracies in the experiment. A smaller number of optimized tests will allow significant savings in financial resources and will increase the reliability of the design, in this case, a rocket engine.