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Scientist team from the Department of Economics, Management and Humanities of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, together with colleagues from Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening (VÚKOZ) at the Department of Phytoenergetics and Biodiversity proposed a new methodology for mapping the potential of biomass for energy use in a given area. Research was noticed by the prestigious scientific journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, which in January published an article "Short-term boosting of biomass energy sources - Determination of the biomass potential for prevention of regional Crisis Situations".

The new software, working in GIS environment, analyzes and displays the amount of usable biomass as an energy source in a given area, like county, district, or country. This biomass, whose potential is formed by the conventional production capabilities and energy crops and trees in the respective climatic and edaphic conditions, is therefore counted as the long-term average of the expected yield under proper management. Another criterion is evaluation of agricultural and forest locations after subtracting of agricultural, forestry or industrial use, and omitting those under protection of natural resources. Evaluation of land is available to its owners as an BPEJ index in the cadastre. The five-digit code identifies climate region - the type of climate, soil type, slope of the land along with the orientation and stonyness of the soil. The application allows detailed mapping of sustainable biomass potential that can be taken into account in energy balance as well as an estimate of its possible short-term increase when alleviating some standard agronomic, economic or market constraints.

Results of the analyzes for selected areas of the Czech Republic confirm that it in the short term, it is possible to significantly increase the potential of biomass for energy purposes. For individual regions of the Czech Republic, this increase of biomass potential is in the order of several Petajoules. It is thus a significant contribution to the energy balance of the whole country and the individual regions. The research has provided a solid basis for updating energy policy of the state and for planning the development of energy infrastructure with regard to ensuring country's energy security.

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