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Expert Panel of the Government Council for Research, Development, Innovation (RVVI) selected a total of 276 best results of czech research from the years 2010 to 2014 in the 2nd pillar of the Evaluation of the results of RVVI research organizations 2015. The criterion in this pillar is the excellence of results, which are judged by response to results published and by the industrial impact of applied results.

From a total of 32 results from the entire CTU that emerged in the prestigious list, 14 publications and patents come from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 8 publications come from the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, 3 publications belong to the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Institute of experimental physics have two publications each. Faculty of Transportation Technology has contributed to the overall success of CTU with one publication as well.