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High school girl students were acquainted with selected work of some faculties of CTU in the Dejvice campus and Charles Square on 28 April under the Girls Day event. The laboratories of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering were made available for their inspection.

During the excursion at facilities Dejvice, girls were acquainted with biomechanics,tought at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. They had peeked into professional architecture studios at the Faculty of Architecture and finally, the visit to water and chemical laboratories of the Faculty of Civil Engineering had been prepared for them.

On the other excursion at the Charles Square, of Department of Aerospace Engineering and Department of Materials at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were introduced. Furthermore, presentation of Legobots was prepared for them at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Girls Day is carried out simultaneously in seventeen European countries in order to get girls closer to science and technology, inspiring them to select the most attractive and promising study fields.