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A new generation of silicon carbid electronic components, which are considerably more durable than current silicon components, are developed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering by team of prof. Paul Hazdra. Carbide components allow increase of the efficiency of production and transmission of electricity from renewable sources.

New electronic devices based on silicon carbide can handle higher loads and operate at higher frequencies than current silicon components. The aim of the research is the development of a comprehensive industrial technology, beginning with the production of high quality single crystal silicon carbide on which to implement new types of components capable of operating at high voltages, frequencies and temperatures. These components will be used, besides other uses, for the construction of modern Solid State Transformer (SST) power converters, which form an essential step in development of smart power grids.

The research is carried on under the framework of the national project  SPEED (Silicon Carbide Power Electronics Technology for Energy Efficient Devices).