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SScholarship by Upsilon Pi Epsilon organization has been won by the Open Informatics course graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ing. Antonín Novák. Awards is recieved annually by only thirty students from around the world.

The prize is awarded by Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society as evaluation of previous work, study and extra-curricular activities. Ing. Novak of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has long been engaged in combinatorial optimization research, namely mixed-critical scheduling within the Industrial informatics group at the Department of Control Engineering. The  Scheduling problem research addresses the issue of drawing up a schedule of all the required tasks meeting all the restrictive conditions while maximizing the intended function at the same time.

For example, this problem has use in the automotive industry in which messages from the control units and control are allocated on the communication bus. Among other activities, he is also director of UPE Czech Alpha Chapter at the faculty, which was founded in January 2013.

The UPE organization brings together the best researchers and students in the field of computer and information technology.