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The preparation and training of possible emergency scenarios is extremely important for the effective cooperation of the Integrated Rescue System (IZS). This also plays an important role in the preparation of students who will work in these units after graduation. The first part of the exercise - the triage - will take place at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU (FBMI), ul. Sportovců 2311, Kladno on April 12, from 10.00 with the participation of the Fire Rescue Corps of the South Moravian Region and the Faculty of Safety Engineering of VŠB-TUO.

The event will be attended by about one hundred students of the FBMI Bachelor's degree programme in Paramedicine, 15 of whom will be acting as role models (injured). The other students will physically triage the injured. Another part of the exercise will be carried out virtually in the XVR simulation software tool following the same scenario.

Ing. Martin Staněk, Ph.D., organizer of the event from FBMI, adds: "The event is also conceived as a research, in which we want to investigate the effectiveness of the training of members of the IZS with the help of virtual reality in combination with real training. We would like to find out whether this combined form will contribute to higher training effectiveness, and we are also interested in how this combined form will be perceived by students."

The Fire Brigade of the South Moravian Region is in Kladno in the role of organizer, which includes Bc. Vlastimil Svoboda, who is also a student of the follow-up Master's degree programme Civil Emergency Planning at FBMI.

The idea for this research was proposed by Ing. Miroslav Antonín, PhD student at the Faculty of Safety Engineering, VŠB - Technical University Ostrava, the main organizer of the event. He commented: "Considering that my dissertation deals with the use of simulation technologies in basic emergency services, this research seemed to be a logical step to assess the potential benefits of these technologies in the practical training of firefighters and future rescuers."

The event will continue on 25 April with another exercise of the South Moravian Fire Brigade in Tišnov near Brno, where a two-day professional firefighting competition will also take place.

Pavel Böhm, PhDr. Pavel Böhm, Ph.D., MSc., MBA, lecturer of the FBMI study programme Paramedic Rescue, concludes: "For the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the CTU, the exercise in Kladno is an important part of the professional training of future paramedics, of whom the faculty accepts about ninety per year for study."

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