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Ten years since its opening, the Network Multimedia Laboratory (SAGElab) at Faculty of Information Technology of Czech Technical University in Prague (FIT CTU) celebrated its 10th anniversary. The aim of the laboratory is to support teaching and education of professionals in the fields of network technologies, multimedia and virtual reality. In addition, the lab also creates a space for research and development of new network applications. SAGElab is a joint workplace of CTU FIT and CESNET association. What is its current equipment and what activities or projects does it address?

The development of information and modern technologies is very fast nowadays, and that is why SAGElab is constantly innovating and developing its technological facilities for teaching, projects and research in order to offer the best facilities to students. The lab is equipped with a large 8K+ (9600x4320 px) high resolution visualization equipment and a high-speed 100Gbps computer network connection. The visualization equipment is controlled by the laboratory's own software system, which allows the simultaneous display of the outputs of a number of applications. Other equipment includes state-of-the-art 3D digitizing technology, 3D optical scanning, special tools for human-computer interaction and virtual reality development equipment.

The laboratory creates accurate digital models of objects such as historical collections and the experts from the laboratory are constantly coming up with new possibilities for their visual presentation in the environment of the Internet or exhibition displays. The SAGElab is also developing its own technology for transmitting images and sound over a computer network with a delay of milliseconds. An example of its use is the ability to connect musicians and other artists remotely in real time. The lab is also developing its own technology for communicating and monitoring variables through Internet of Things networks.

"My work here in the lab is all about passing on my experience and enthusiasm to students while teaching and getting involved in interesting projects. Our projects are more applicable to everyday life. As an example, I can mention the unique project Cities of Czech Queens with a virtual reality application, which reconstructed the history of the city of Hradec Králové and brought it closer to the general public," says Ing. Jiří Chludil, head of the SAGElab laboratory for FIT CTU.

The laboratory also teaches selected undergraduate and graduate courses such as Multimedia Graphics Applications, Modern Visualization Technologies, Software Team Project, Graphics Applications Programming, Creation or User Interface Design and Internet and Multimedia. In the course of the coursework and final student theses, projects such as Visualizing 3D vector arrays to enable interactive applications such as visualization of astronomical data, Camera Array for real-time video fusion of multiple camera system, outputting high-resolution panoramic video, Software for touchless control of SAGE environment, and Mobile control with mobile device of SAGE environment for application sharing between a large-scale visualization device and a mobile device were implemented.

"We have bold plans for the future in the laboratory and we want to continue our cooperation on projects with students and partners of FIT CTU and CESNET, we are planning other interesting research and development projects that will push and expand the professional scope of the laboratory and bring new possibilities of solutions. Furthermore, we will modernize the laboratory's technology to match the latest technological developments," says Dr. Ing. Sven Ubik, Head of the SAGElab for CESNET.

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